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Judith Kennedy AM, was awarded the Order of Australia General Merit Medal for 20 years’ service to the wine industry and to children’s health projects. Judith then established the Australian Gin Distillers Association in 2017, after retiring from the wine industry and had a friend point out that there was nothing like what she had done for wine in the Gin industry if she was looking for another venture, thus Australian Gin Distillers Association was born.

When Judith was a young mother, she was a founding member of the Women's Electoral Lobby (WEL). WEL was founded in 1972, to ensure the protection of women's rights in Australia. Being a member was very important to Judith, to be able to support the idea of equal pay and work, and to support any women who were aspiring to be in business. Her whole life, she has had the goal and intention to support women in business, something she has achieved many times over and sees no sign of stopping.

Another thing Judith does to support women in business is by sponsoring the speakers at the International Women's Day Lunch held by 'WOHO' and 'Women of Australian Distilling'. Her sponsorship allows female distillers from around the country to come to Sydney and speak about their experiences and network with other distillers. Judith sees it as almost her duty to support women in business and give them advice that will help further their careers. “I'm always keen to support the industry, and the fact that I can support some of the up and coming distillers to come into Sydney, and come and participate in the women's lunch, I think is an important thing for me to do.” Stated Judith.

Judith Kennedy

The advice Judith would give young women today, would be that they have to be a good person and surround themselves with other good people, no matter their gender. “If you've got a good idea, good intentions, it shouldn't matter whether you are a female or a male.”

The Australian Gin Distillers has 7 festivals this year across the country that support distillers across the country. The goal of the festivals is to give craft distillers a platform to showcase their Gins to the public, in addition to what they are doing on their own.

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