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Strive for equality & embrace diversity

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what we do

Women of Australian Distilling is a collective to promote, encourage and support women and gender diverse people within the Australian Distilling industry. Collaborating with the industry's peak associations and organisations. Our company aims to support career development for women in the field of distilling, ambassadorship, marketing, administration, management, cellar door operations and more…A hub for female led trade and consumer events, courses, networking, PR, mentoring and personal development.

We are committed to the

following for women in our industry:

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In Australia, the under representation of women
in industries like distilling considered to be ‘male-dominated’, continues to affect gender equality and industry performance.

In a 2021 study of the Australian spirits industry conducted for Spirits & Cocktails Australia, Deloitte Access Economics found that women make up 48% of the workforce across manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing and hospitality. This stems from a higher share of female workers in hospitality (52%) as women make up just 36% of employees in spirits retailing, and approximately 10% of roles in distilling.

According to Harvard Business Review 'male-dominated occupations' are those comprised of 25% or fewer women.
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